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Introducing the first of its kind - THE DIGIDAL BILL FOLDER – by Rabbit Holes - Tel +27 (0) 11 618 0843 - advertise@rabbitholes.co.za

279 Main Street



South Africa

+27 (0) 11 618 0843


The digital bill folder is customisable to meet the requirements of the environment

Additional branding to the video unit as well as to the folder is available to meet the marketing requirements of our business partners.

QR barcodes, which are specific to a location or business partner, provides an easy means by which their customers can make Internet based payments or partake in a questionnaire, who’s results can be used as a  form of evaluation, and a basis upon which a program of continuous improvement could be established.

In addition to the payment and survey uses of the QR barcode technology, our business partners may have additional uses for the QR barcode. As the digital bill folder may be customised to meet our business partner’s requirements, we will assist our business partners  in this regards, and will provide solutions to meet the requirements of the market.