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South Africa

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Digital Bill Folders are in selected restaurants in Sandton City, Nelson Mandela Square, Melrose Arch and Centurion . These are locations available to advertisers to utilise for their advertising campaigns

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What makes Digital Bill Folder advertising different

Digital Bill Folder impression/view data is based on actual viewing events and not based on a percentage of daily or hourly “traffic” in a particular area.

Reports provide the advertiser with the number of times their particular advert was viewed, either at a particular restaurant, regionally or collectively at all venues displaying their advert  

Reports can be structured to reflect the advertiser’s impression/view totals for their advert by daily, weekly or monthly totals.

This accurate information allows advertisers to plan and monitor  their campaigns based on actual impression data.

This targeted approach to advertising provides advertisers with a cost effective advertising solution that can be accurately monitored.

Multiple packages are available to meet the requirements of micro, small and large business requirements.

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